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Did you know antivirus software protects (hopefully) against threats that have already reached your systems! What if we can add layers of security to keeps these threats away?


  • Business Class Email with secure connections, spam filtering, unsafe attachment scanning and blocking.


  • Web filtering and blocking known malicious Websites


  • Patch management; install security updates for Windows and other 3rd party applications fixing known security vulnerabilities.


  • Monitor failed login attempts


  • And there's much much more..


Take a proactive approach to prevent minor issues before they become big problems. Added layers of security with automated maintenance and around the clock monitoring boosts productivity, and reduces costly down time caused by


malware, updates, slow running computers, computer reboots, and error messages. We are your full-service IT department, monitoring and maintaining your IT systems 24/7!


Ask us about our no contract monthly plans and how easy it is to get started!